Study House Live April 11, 2024 | The Blessings and Majesty in the Book of Revelations

Study House Live

Study House LiveIn this video, before we dive into the study of Revelations Chapter 4, we take a moment to review the blessings found in Chapters 1-3. These chapters contain letters written by the Apostle John to seven churches in Asia.

Revelations Chapter 4 marks a shift in the book, as John is taken up into heaven and given a glimpse of the heavenly throne room. As we study this chapter, we are reminded of the greatness of our God and the privilege we have to worship Him.

So, as we continue our study of Revelations, let’s reflect on the blessings found in Chapters 1-3 and open our hearts to the revelations and insights that Chapter 4 has in store for us.

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