Study House Live February 18, 2024 | Exploring the Depths of 2 Peter Chapter 2

Study House Live February 18, 2024

Study House Live February 18, 2024In this video we embark on a journey through the captivating Second Peter chapter 2. This chapter is filled with valuable lessons and insights that can guide us in our daily lives.

In 2 Peter chapter 2, the apostle Peter addresses the issue of false prophets and false teachers who infiltrate the church. He warns believers about their destructive ways and emphasizes the importance of discernment. Peter reminds us that just as there were false prophets in the past, there will continue to be false teachers among us.

So, grab your Bible, find a quiet place, and let’s dive into the depths of 2 Peter chapter 2. May this study deepen our understanding of God’s truth and equip us to navigate the challenges we face in our faith journey.

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